Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bordenstein Lab Online and Social Media Resources

         Wolbachia (1-5), Nasonia (6-7), & Lab Sites (8-16)

  1. Discover the Microbes Within! The Wolbachia Project, Discovery-based project on Wolbachia symbiosis for precollege and college science education; includes labs, videos, and lectures, and other resources
  2. Discover the Microbes Within! The Wolbachia Project Facebook Page, Social media outlet updated weekly (and sometimes daily) to disseminate outreach activities, new Wolbachia papers or news stories, history facts, and conferences 
  3. Wolbachia pipientis, An Exemplar Species Page for the Encyclopedia of Life
  4. Wolbachia, A Heritable Pandemic, Online resources to informational websites, news releases, primary literature, WebQuest, and educational modules 
  5. Bioinformatics, Online educational modules for undergraduate and high school students, Microbial Life Educational Resources
  6. Nasonia Facebook Page, Social media outlet to disseminate Nasonia papers, news stories, history facts, and conferences. Nasonia is a genus of parasitoid wasps that is frequently used in high schools, university labs, and biocontrol companies. 
  7. Nasonia Posterous Page, listserv and blog for Nasonia researchers and educators to email each  other on new tools to the community, collaborative projects, conferences, and more..
  8. BlogSymbionticism – A blog about symbiosis, science, and science education. 
  9. YouTube One Channel - videos and video blogs by Seth on research and science education
  10. Vimeo - videos on research and science education
  11. Insect Innate Immunity Database, an online database and annotation tool of insect immunity genes
  12. Bordenstein lab website, Description of the lab’s research, education, pics, and links to pubs
  13. Twitter, @Symbionticism, Microblogging news stories about symbiosis, genomics, science, education, new Wolbachia papers, and conferences 
  14. Lab Twitter Feeds: @liveinsymbiosis (Robert Brucker, Postdoc), @dnadiva87 (Lisa Funkhouser, Ph.D. student), @JMetcalfVU (Jason Metcalf, M.D./Ph.D. student),  @lifelovescience (Kristin Jernigan, postdoc), @skotomorph, (Joey Simmons, Research Assistant), @lepage_d (Daniel LePage, Ph.D. student)
  15. Lab Blogs: Live In Symbiosis (Robert Brucker, Ph.D.)
  16. Hologenome Facebook Page, Community venue to track the history and future of innate interactions between the microbiome and animal genome. 

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