Saturday, December 15, 2012

"Phylosymbiotic" - Vlog 1

I've decided to incorporate video blogs in order to make some of the information exchange here more immersive and interactive. While I can't see the others watching or reading these blogs, I do know that I appreciate video over reading myself. Scientists are often out of the comfort zone on video, and stick to what they know best - writing. But in my opinion we need not worry so much as the point of social media, blogging, and microblogging is to connect. Video blogging can be easier and more immersive, thus establishing better connections. Through video and the general media, science has a better opportunity to increase scientific literacy. So here goes jumping into the video blogosphere head first. Hope others consider doing this too -Seth


  1. I'm the opposite with video. I know I'm not the norm either, so take this with a grain of salt and don't change on my account.

    My partner is here reading a book and if I listen to this now, I'll disrupt her. Sure I could get out headphones, but it is a disruption from my flow (seeing it was just 2 minutes, I did anyway and she didn't complain).

    I like to quickly skim a piece and get the gist in a minute before deciding if I'll read it in depth. Video gives me no way to do that. It forces me to move at the pace dictated. Even if I'm reading the whole piece, I can read it myself faster than I can listen to it being read.

    The only specific technical feedback I'd give beyond that is to use a tripod. The camera motion was distracting. I like the idea of phylosymbiology and think you're on the right track with it.

  2. Thanks Mike. I appreciate the feedback. Now that you mention the reading thing, I can certainly see and relate to your point. It makes me wonder if different types of blog followers will have different preferences. I have non-scientists in mind in enjoying the video. The best option may be to scatter both writing and video blogging, keeping the video blogs to less than 3 minutes, so that folks don't turn away too quickly. In a world of viral videos, it would be senseless to try and keep viewer attention span any longer. Thanks for the slap on the back on phylosymbiosis.