Sunday, March 24, 2013

Have you used a MOOC? Crowdsourcing feedback.

In December, I wrote an introductory blog on MOOCs entitled The Digitization of Education: What is all the fuss about MOOC? It is very basic and almost outdated, but it does have a great Ted talk video by Cousera's founder Daphne Koller that I recommend. Vanderbilt is on board with Cousera.

Still in their infancy, MOOCs are popping up around the country's universities and I imagine some readers of this blog have first hand experience or at least more insight on what its like to start or use a MOOC. Any answers to these questions wouldl be of help to myself and readers.

    1. How has the experience been with setting up or using a MOOC?
    2. What is fundamentally different or unexpected in using a MOOC?
    3. What has worked well? What would you do differently in MOOCs?
    4. Do you receive a break or compensation from your normal teaching load?

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  1. Couple that I have experienced..

    Set up for PC vice tablet.. iPad.. Quiz etc..
    Not available to be indexed by search engines.. Log in required etc.
    Interactive part pretty useful.. Wiki, blog posts etc.

    I would think using livestream to record lecture.. Would be worth a try. Playback would seem more like real time.. Student feedback to each other and to the professor.

    I also suggest that professors participate as studen