Monday, May 13, 2013

Those who can, DO. Those who understand, TEACH.

"You must have the zeal of a missionary....You need to find satisfaction in your actions and you need to find satisfaction in your results. That will make you a great teacher" - George Wolfe

Here is a brief post on my good friend and Emmy Award Winner George Wolfe and his TEDx talk. George is director of the magnet high school - the Loudon Academy of Science, which was established in partnership with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in 2005. His bio is ridiculously extensive, including hosting a PBS show called Homework Hotline, and I encourage you to read his list of accomplishments by clicking the link associated with his name.

In the TEDx talk, he reminds us that we are all teachers at some point in our lives, if not our profession. You teach your children, peers, and colleagues, and thus he states that there is no more important job than teaching. "Where would we be without teaching?", he asks.

George is one of the main brains behind Discover the Microbes Within! The Wolbachia Project that we formalized at an international national level about eight years ago. He is also a pure inspiration in the truest sense. His TEDx-talk is called the Power of One. I thank George for this talk and wish that we had more access to his passion on a daily basis. I have learned a tremendous amount from him.

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