Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Announcement: Round Table Discussion on the Hologenome

Where: Google+ Hangout (Link to join the round table); *note: You may need a direct invite to join the hangout. Just send me your email or circle me on google+ so I can send you an invite. Silly restriction but that should fix it.

When: August 28th, 10am Central Standard Time

Is there enough scientific evidence to conclude that the nuclear genome, mitochondria and microbiome of an animal or plant represent an interwoven evolutionary unit called the "hologenome"? This google + hangout seeks to assemble diverse opinions on the topic in order to broadcast the pros and cons of the evidence and reason a consensus from different vantage points.

Key agenda items will include:

  1. Is the word "hologenome" jargon or useful to the life sciences?
  2. What additional evidence is required to broadly substantiate the hologenome concept of Life?
  3. What will be the rules, if there are any rules, of the hologenome?
  4. Is the hologenome part of a New Synthesis in biology?

We welcome everyone's input. Please join us on August 28th and share the announcement.

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