Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Video: Bill Gates narrates "Defeating Dengue" with Wolbachia

This week Bill Gates appropriately labelled mosquitoes the most dangerous animals in the world in this blog post. The nearly two-minute long video below is narrated by Gates, who explains how Wolbachia researchers in the Eliminate Dengue project have been aggressively infecting mosquitoes with Wolbachia bacteria and releasing the mosquitoes into areas where dengue virus is a significant problem. "Wolbachia blocks the disease…It has a very good chance of success", Gates says.


  1. Xeroshield and WaterWasp offer a faster, less controversial alternative that would be acceptable to all - whether or not methods such as this work. But molecular biology is always seen as sexier.

  2. There is only one reason for all mosquito born diseases and parasites: POVERTY. If all people have proper houses with mosquito nets on all windows, then there are no more of these diseases. Bill Gates does not care about fighting poverty. In contrary.