Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Microbiome Fear-Mongering Machine

Wow, this movie trailer and Indiegogo campaign for MicroBirth seems to raise the level of fear mongering around the microbiome in a shocking way. From economic calamity to immediate worldwide health concerns, the movie interweaves the nascent science of the microbiome with all that could be bad in the developed world today. While I'm a fan of studying the microbiome and its implications, including the universality of maternal microbial transmission (related blog post), I am surprised by the significant attempt to introduce fright into the public's minds. What do you all think? Is it worthwhile or just a mashup of buzz themes today that don't rise to the level of alarm in the documentary? In the last decade, there have been many microbiome association studies and few causation studies. The field could mature a bit before substantiating the horror.

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