Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Part II - Thoughts on Survival/Success in the New Era of Academia

Yesterday, I started Part I of a blog post series on survival/success tips for the new era in Academia.  My hope is that I can pass on some insight to those that are just beginning their careers - from students to new PIs. By doing so, by coaching through accrued wisdom, together we can speed up the pace of excellence in science for future trail blazers, rather than wait for people to learn these things themselves over a long career. 

As noted, I will post several of these tweets on a daily basis. Red highlights indicate ones that I think rise about the rest. As always, comments and questions are encouraged!

1/24/13: Students must recognize that they will be pushed to the brink, because their PIs know better than them how far they can go #tosrb

1/24/13: Letting go of limitations is part of the journey to excellence, for students and colleagues alike. Academics should heed this. #tosrb

1/24/13: I can't or I don't or I'm not are words that we should never ever use. We hide the gift of new knowledge for humanity if we do #tosrb

1/24/13: Science is the noblest of occupations for it discovers new truths. And that discovery is driven by 20-something's. Remarkable #tosrb

1/24/13: Education is the sibling of science for without it we can not build a family of humanity that sustains itself #torsb

Thoughts on Success/Survival in the New Era of Academia Part I

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