Sunday, July 12, 2015

PeerJ has 5 Nobel Prize Winners on Editorial Board

Our lab has largely embraced the open access paradigm in recent years by choosing, when possible, to publish in open accesss journals. For our highest quality work, we typically submit to PLOS Biology  (Mom Knows Best by @DNAdiva87 and Host Biology in Light of the Microbiome with @KevinRTheis) and eLife (Antibacterial Gene Transfer by @JMetcalfVU). For other papers in the last couple of years, we supported PeerJ (our articles here) - a disruptive, open access publisher and award winning biological and medical sciences journal that publishes reviews and rebuttal letters alongside each article, is fully transparent in the review process, and is importantly affordable. Imagine my surprise today then when I searched the editorial board and found FIVE, count them yourself below - FIVE!!, Nobel Prize winners as well as colleagues Jonathan Eisen and Irene Newton. Anyone else blown away? If so, then support PeerJ.