Friday, July 27, 2012

Lab happenings, food, and sites in Krakow, Poland

The International Symbiosis Society 7th Congress is coming to a close. Below are a handful of pictures that Im fond of and will hopefully inspire you to get to Krakow one day. It is a beautiful, lovely, and cozy city. Also very cheap.
The Royal Castle on Wawel Hill in the distance. One of the great symbols of Polish statehood. The former capital and seat of kings as well as the place of their coronation and burial.
Squint and you may see a walking beer holding a stop sign. Inquiring minds want to know more.

The tower is what's left of the old town hall in the Market Square of Krakow.

The biggest square in Europe and Krakow's elegant showpiece.

What the town hall looked like in its completeness. Only the tower in the pictures above remains standing today.

An Espresso Lunch at Hotel Francuski, recommended by a friend of my student. For $6 USD, this was a steal. Freshly squeezed juice, cabbage, ribs, potatoes, and rugula cake.

 Senior graduate student, Rob Brucker, giving his talk on "Gut Bacteria Enhance Postmating Reproductive Isolation"

Perhaps the best chicken cesar salad Ive ever had.

Group picture of Lisa, me, Rob, and Jason in front of Lisa's poster "Mom knows best: Maternal regulation of Wolbachia titers"

I'll add just one scientific thought to this post. This meeting has convinced me more than ever that we live in an age where symbiosis is a centerpiece to Biology in the 21st century. A profound, modern synthesis is underway in which the century old merger of evolution and genetics is being updated with symbiosis as the third pillar.

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