Friday, March 29, 2013

Museum of Science in Boston Brings Together Microbiome Luminaries

This video below, entitled Friends with Benefits: The Human Microbiome, is one worth watching. It was recorded Feburary 6, 2013 and hosted by the Museum of Science in Boston with funding from the Lowell Institute (original ad). It features four brilliant microbiome researchers - each of them arguably have transformed the life sciences in just the past few years. They each speak for 15 minutes and then have a Q&A with the audience. I've noted the times at which each speaker appears in case you want to skip ahead. They appear in the following order:
  • Introductions - 0 to 2:00 
  • Prof. Rob Knight (U. Colorado) - 2:00 to 26:10, Development of the Human Microbiome
  • Prof. Eric Alm (MIT) - 26:10 to 41:00, A Year in My Microbiome
  • Prof. Marty Blaser (NYU School of Medicine) - 41:00 to 1:01, Long Term Pertubations of the Microbiome 
  • Prof. John Cryan (University College Cork, Ireland) - 1:01 to 1:23, Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis
  • Roundtable Q&A - 1:23 to 1:30 - Between speakers
  • Roundtable Q&A - 1:30 to end - Between speakers and audience (perhaps the best part!)

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