Thursday, April 25, 2013

Social Media for Scientists: YouTube One Channel

If you have videos posted to youtube, then you should definitely check out the new layout design. In the span of ten minutes, you can customize your "YouTube One Channel" as they now call it with a banner from your gallery or theirs, feature video, and a list of videos that you can customize according to theme, recency, popularity, etc. If you do not post videos to youtube, then you should. Its a great way to give wings to your science to other scientists and the public. Consider it a broader impact if you will. Video pages are on the rise, like twitter and facebook. They are here to stay as an online footprint of your life or profession, whatever you may choose. For scientists or educators, lectures, seminars, news features, TED talks, etc are all great things to post. Ive gotten immense benefit from watching research seminars on youtube because there are always meetings that you miss or talks you would like to hear twice. If you set up a channel, let me know so I can subscribe to it!

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